It has been a long journey since the storm, but with faith, hard work, perseverance and tons of help from our loving family, amazing friends and a great builder WE ARE HOME!!! We will never be able to thank everyone enough for all their help and support during this project. The saying “home is where the heart is” has a whole new meaning because of all the people involved in helping us come home. Two very important people who guided us in the beginning of this journey is Marjorie Dopart Feldman and Dave Feldman of Feldman & Feldman Architects in Colts Neck. They sat down with us many times to try and figure out our best options and determine what was right for our family. In the end they designed our beautiful home and we cannot thank them enough for their help and emotional support. A friendship was formed that we will treasure. And another thank you to Stephanie in their office for putting up with a hormonal pregnant woman who kept changing her mind. We love you all! Thank you! ~ Michelle Smith, August 2014